Friday, July 16, 2010

This Sunday - Authentic Community

God created us to experience His presence in relationships here on Earth.  So why is it so difficult to live in authentic community?  There are a lot of things working against us but this Sunday we will spend some time reflecting on how to live in missional community in the relationships God surrounds us with in our neighborhoods, at our jobs, and beyond.

Friday, July 9, 2010

This Sunday - Who Are You?

This weekend, Jan Cox, will be continuing our Summer Reflections series with a teaching entitled Who Are You?. Here's a little bit about what you can look forward to.

I recently watched and became a huge fan of the Tim Burton version of Alice and Wonderland. I love the movie for a few reasons but mostly because it started a conversation in my relational world about our identity.

In the movie the very wise caterpillar, Absalom, asks Alice a very simple question, "Who are you?" And through a series of events (I won't spoil the end for you just in case) she is challenged to discover the answer to that very important question.

It sounds simple enough but I wonder how many of us, if we were really honest, could answer it. In the blink of this life, in the scheme of our human existence who are we really?

We have labels of course - mom, dad, plumber, computer analyst, wealthy, poor, healthy, sick - but is this really where our identity should lie?

Adam and Eve were the first two people that had to answer this question and the journey they took to find the answer transformed human history forever. This Sunday we're going to spend some time asking ourselves who we really are and why it matters so much.